Big Mac does Mary off-of the Bible

WITH fries, please. Honest to God.

Michelle McMammoth latterly of Pop Idol presently of big-boned, is here seen in a fetching blue and sparkly red number sandwiched between two people both of whom have non-real animals attached to them.

*scratches head*

‘Tis for her incarnation as mother-of-the-baby-Jesus, Mary, in a new West End version of the Nativity story, being premiered at London’s glittering Edinburgh Festival next month.

Little is known about said play, though Big Mac might like to a take a leaf out of this gennelman’s book.

ps. We said ‘take’, not ‘eat’.

pps. Nice hair. Has a bit of the Kate Garroways to it.

pps. We left our battered sausage on its own for two minutes. TWO MINUTES! Guess what? Gone.




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3 comments to “Big Mac does Mary off-of the Bible”

  1. I’m enjoying the peepy toe sandal.

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  2. Brilliant. And she’s even got her own in-built pregnancy suit.

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  3. Ooh hasn’t she slimmed down. Did they make those two people next to her out of the extra that came off her?

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