The Ultimate Big Brother – £1million prize AND Shilpa and Jade re-united!

That’s some c-RAZY shit, innit.

Just good friends.

So, someone who knows someone who knows someone else has revealed that BB bosses are planning the ultimate grand finale to the series – and it goes summink like this…

– an uber-household, made up of the most (in)famous residents of old, including Chantelle Houghton, Brian Dowling, Kate Lawler, AND Shilpa Shetty and Jade Goody!

*fight fight fight fight fight fight fight, etc.*

– a one million earth pounds prize fund.

– and c) and d)

‘We want to create reality TV’s first ever millionaire,’ says ‘Source’. But they’ll have to bitch, bonk and backstab their way to get it.’

The current BB contract runs out in 2010, so we guess they’re planning on doing it then.

*puts date in Paperchase diary*



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  1. Now that’s something I’d watch.

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