Naomi’s Dunkin’ Donuts advert exclamation mark

I only eat donuts, me.

See it in moving pictures and EVERYTHING after t’jump…

ps. So don’t get it.

pps. Still don’t get it.


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2 comments to “Naomi’s Dunkin’ Donuts advert exclamation mark”

  1. Do you think America also has the runs on Dunkin Donut?

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  2. […]  – In other Naomi news, Naomi Campbell’s Dunkin’ Donuts commercial is actually kind of amusing. When I first heard they were doing the ad with her, I thought, “Why put Naomi Campbell in a Dunkin’ Donuts commercial when she’s never eaten a donut, or anything, in her life?” But I like how that’s kind of the point. […]

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