Brett Anderson channelling Peter Tatchell for Aquascutum

Cheer up love, it may never happen. Oh, it already didn’t…

Nice bit of schmutter

What do you get when you take a classic British label, say, Aquascutum, add a sophisticated rock star with brains, mmmm, maybe Brett Anderson and a designer of the calibre of Nick Hart? You get clothes that we would be prepared to spend good money on, that’s what.

With that nasty Mr. Ferry person disgracing himself for Marks & Sparks (there’s no disgrace in M&S, just in that whole horrible Ferry clan), isn’t it nice to see a stylish rock god in a pretty similar vein looking all gorgeous and grown-up in clothes?

The clothes are Nick Hart’s new collection for Aquascutum – so expect a Burberry pre-sacking all the Welsh factory workers-style renaissance and there are razor-sharp suits, Mao collars (dangerous but he pulls it off), double-breasted blazers, and a nice bit of coat.

Sniff out the whole collection round about here at the nice wallpaper site.

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2 comments to “Brett Anderson channelling Peter Tatchell for Aquascutum”

  1. Oy! Hands off Brett. We love ‘im. Best pop star of the 90s.

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  2. I thought that was Sybil.

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