Coleen Nolan outs herself as a bit of a nasty ‘phobe

‘There’s only so much I want to accept,’ she says on’t subject of gay adoption.

Coleen and her fat scarf

Just as we were coming round to the tub o’ Irish lard that is Coleen Nolan, she shows her true colours and comes out against gay adoption on today’s edition of Loose Trouts.

‘There is only so much I want to accept,’ says the intellectual wing of 70s group The Nolan Sisters when talking with Jane McDonald about gay adoption and Civil Partnerships. She felt that she had been a very good girl in accepting Civil Partnerships (if anyone needs the acceptance of the ex-wife of Shane Ritchie) but that gay adoption was a step too far…

Her main reason (apart from being an idiot Catholic) seems to be that children would be embarrassed to introduce two mummies to her friends. Oh, OK then. Jane McDonald, as you would expect, shot the bitch down.

Fashion note: this exchange took place with La Nolan wearing a nasty acrylic blouse.

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7 comments to “Coleen Nolan outs herself as a bit of a nasty ‘phobe”

  1. And there are only so many fat Irish middle aged cunts on daytime TV spouting off bullshit that I am willing to accept. Her, and her acrylic blouse would look good in an incinerator. Cardboard cut out cunt.

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  2. What about if your one mummy looked like Coleen Nolan? Wouldn’t you be embarrassed to introduce that to anyone?

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  3. What a stupid sow. Since when are we suject to the acceptance of some has-been dressed by Evans outsize who married a Butlins Redcoat? Good on Jane Macdonald for telling her what’s what.

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  4. What an idiot. Jane McDonald, on the other hand, I have always loved.

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  5. Jane McDonald – the woman’s a legend!

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