Fag Hag Diary


In which FH changes her mind about BB’s Ziggy…


The fag hag has a shameful confession to make. I was, I admit, completely and utterly taken in to the extreme – a bit like Russell Brand’s trousers – by Ziggy off-of Chanelle.

I was fooled by the public school manners and nice cashmere cardies; I was wrong-footed by the floppy Hampstead hair and ability to use cutlery in a civilised fashion in a house filled with people holding their knives like pens (the most unforgiveable sin!)

I thought that in spite of being a slightly body-obsessed, vain pretty boy (bar the Kenneth Branagh lips), he was fundamentally quite a decent human being. But oh how wrong the fagster was…

The boy has hidden shallows (or ‘saaaaaallows’ as Gerry would say) even I could only dream of. His entire relationship with Chanelle (or ‘Sanelle’ as Gerry would say) hangs on how popular he feels she is on that particular week. So if ‘Sanelle’ gets nominated, Ziggy decides ‘things aren’t working’. If on the other hand she evades eviction, he’s all over her like vomit.

When she continued to argue with Charley (who was at the time fraudulently PRing herself as the most popular housemate the public had ever seen) he went cold on her again. Then, well lookee here, when a survey is revealed to the housemates clearly demonstrating a good deal of public affection for Chanelle – surprise, surprise –¬†suddenly Ziggy’s getting jiggy again.

Which all goes to show, never judge a book by its highlights or something… come on everyone, let’s get the fake-baked cunt out.

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  1. here here! What a twat!

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  2. Blond hair + brown eyes is always a wrong’un in my book.

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