How would you like to smell of old crinoline, powdered wig, French fancies and perhaps a bit of wet wee?

We know! Us too!

That’s because this lady is launching her v. own smelly! How enjoyment.

Bonjour lovely

Yes, Marie Antoinette, she off-of ‘let them eat cake’ and Frenchie Revolution fame has finally got her finger out 200 years plus after her demise to finally launch her own perfume. And she’s not even enlisting the help of Coty. Brilliant.

‘Sillage de la Reine’ retails at £450 and comes in what is known in the business as an eye-dropper bottle. Though we suspect you shouldn’t put it in your eyes – but don’t quote us on that.

Thanks to these nice people for this news.

We’re not even going to suggest which other queens should bring out their own range of products but we hear Anne of Cleves does a nice line in Touche Eclat.


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