You see this lady…


Hello, nice lady. Enjoying new song.  

Anywaaaaaaays, she fell over on stage t’other night. Which is obviously a v. sad thing to happen. :-(

She said to the adoring crowd: ‘Please don’t post this on youtube for it would bring shame upon my house.’ Or something along those lines. We weren’t actually there, you sees.

But one of her adoring crowd did post the tumble upon the youtube. Which you may see in all its glory after the jump thing. Though when we say glory, it’s so far away that it’s actually, like seeing Bouncy in concert where you watch her on’t telly screen. It would’ve helped had they circled la Knowles so we know what we’re looking for, but hey…


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2 comments to “You see this lady…”

  1. This person needs to get a better quality of mobile phone

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  2. Beyonce also needs to get a dress not worn by Anne Boleyn

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