Exclusive! Mika – Part 2

Yesterday, he talked about that gay question. Today it’s Beth Ditto, John Travolta kissing men and why he’d love to meet Kylie.

Oh, hello!

So, where are you living at the moment?
On my sister’s sofa! I’ve been evicted. Kicked out of my flat. Ask me in a week and I’ll have probably done a sofa tour of London.

Is that the truth?
It is but I’m quite a good liar. Should I be proud or should I be ashamed of that? I was in an interview a couple of days ago and you get bored in interviews and I was waxing lyrical about my friendship with John Travolta and how he lets me fly his planes every other weekend. John is a very responsible teacher.

He also kisses boys! Did you see that picture of him kissing his male nanny on the mouth?
Maybe he’s just a very good nanny. There’s nothing strange with John Travolta kissing his nanny. He can kiss anyone he likes.

Have you met many famous people – in real life! – since this all kicked off? Anyone where you’ve gone, ‘Wow!’
Yeah, I’ve met lots of famous people but no one I’ve gone ‘Wow’. I went to this very fancy party and every single person there was famous and I hated every minute of it. It felt like being back at school. The little cliques and clubs and the out-doing of outfits, the bitchy comments. All that rank and social hierarchy that’s going on, it’s just not my scene. Not for me, thank you very much.

Is there anyone you’d love to meet?
There are lots of artists and painters that are well respected but not famous. I would love to meet Kylie. I think she would be fascinating. Madonna would be fascinating. Or Aretha Franklin. The thing is, I don’t just want to meet these people; I don’t want to be like the crazy stalker, like ‘Get this fucking kid away from me!’ I want to meet them and have them want to talk to me. I had a very nice encounter with Chris Martin the other day when I was on my way to Los Angeles. He was sat a couple of seats down from me on a plane and I didn’t want to say ‘Hi’ because he was kind of hiding himself with all the papers. Then he came up to me and was like, ‘Hey Mika, I’m Chris and I just wanted to introduce myself and congratulate you on everything.’ We stood there talking with about 30 other people gawping at us on the plane. He’s such a nice guy. Solid and clever.

So, the single goes, ‘Big Girl, you are beautiful…’ Do you really find big girls beautiful?
Yeah, my mum’s big and my auntie’s big. Beth Ditto! And not just because she’s fun and trendy and ‘let’s get a skinny girl like Kate Moss to stand next to the cool in-girl’ – not in that way. I think she’s so refreshing and enigmatic.

The single ‘Big Girl’ and the album Life in Cartoon Motion are out now. Buy them immediately.

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  1. Kylie would be fascinating to meet? O-kaaaayy…..

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  2. Yeeah, he is such a liar, liar pants on fire.

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