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The fag hag is feeling a teensy bit less generous towards Chris Langham and his child pornography dramas today after reading that he has cited the excuse of ‘I was researching for a role’ in his trial. Oh please.

That’s the sort of hackneyed, pant-wettingly ridiculous excuse businessmen used when coming out of strip clubs in 1970s’ Two Ronnies sketches.

I wonder if it was the same sort of ‘role’ as Peter Townshend’s ‘book’ on paedophiles, which, I for one am desperate to read. Try as I might though, I can’t seem to find it in any branches of Waterstones or Borders. Funny that. And such a shame as he obviously did such in-depth research for it.

Just to clear this whole thing up, as some people are obviously still a bit confused by it – here’s a top tip, kind of like, you might find in a lady’s magazine like Woman’s Own: ‘When about to do somehting highly illegal and depraved for the sake of a programme on telly watched by about nine people in Islington, do perhaps tell someone, so that when arrested and a facing a ten year stretch in chokey, it doesn’t seem like some excuse dreamed up by a man in a Mozart wig who charges £400 an hour.’

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