Natalie’s back in moving picture format. And with a nice bob too.

After bringing you the compelling new cover of Natalie Imbruglia’s greatest hit product, we are now proud to bring you a taster of the new greatest hit, ‘Glorious’.

This is the woman responsible. Hello, m’dear.


We didn’t listen to it all the way through as someone was on the phone but it seems amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing. Especially, if you likey a short bob, some fireworks and a dainty white – what are we calling it? – smock. People in the video are obviously likeying despite that it reminds one of a teenie-tinie Minogue video for ‘Some Kind Of Bliss’, they’re loving it so hard that some ladies are even dry humping her. You need to go after the jump thing.

All power to you, lovey.

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