Fag Hag Diary



The prize of most fabulous excuse of the week definitely goes to Lindsay Lohan’s brilliantly insane camp who explained away the packet of naughty salt in her trousers thusly – she was wearing someone else’s trousers.

I hate it when that happens – you randomly borrow a pair of trousers from some friend (as you generally need to when you’re a multi-millionaire with a team of stylists) and they’ve only gone and left their stash in there – because let’s face it, cokeheads are always happy to forget where they put their drugs.

But if the girl wants to get shit-faced and talk at a hundred miles an hour about setting up companies till five in the morning with Calum Best for god’s sake, let her get on with it.

It’s the fake tan residue embedded in eyebrows that’s a far more pressing concern to me…  

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