Tampons with a skirt!

Not since the days of Beverly Craven when she got her tour sponsored by Tampax or when Shania Twain sent us something to do with Febreze, have we enjoyed such a brilliant blending, or should we say ‘synergy’ between brand and what is known in the business as ‘music’ than this…

But have they ever had a period in a swimming pool?

Yes, it’s the Liberty X girls advertising tampons with a skirt. This brilliant branding partnership allows us to feel ashamed on a lot of levels.

If you want to know how to wear a cunning tampon with a skirt and win some Liberty X business like a musical career shopping spree, please visit the clever website here.

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2 comments to “Tampons with a skirt!”

  1. THEY are tampons with skirts. They are also cardboard cut out cunts

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  2. I am looking for a skirt and I love your web site. Please can any of your girls help me?

    Looking for love.


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