You can cross this gay off your list as well

If you had hopes of back-bumming the gennelman known as the lead singer of the Scissor Sisters, then think right on.


According to media stories, Jake Shears is getting hitched to the boyf he’s had for eight years and not told us about. It’s very rude but apparently he’s an art student at Yale.

Apparently, every gay and gay-friendly character – so you’re looking at Minogue, Kylie; Halliwell, Geri and the Little Britain funnies are clearing diaries for a springtime wedding in New York or thereabouts.  

Once again, Hazell Dean, beloved of the gay community, is still waiting for her invite to turn up in the post. We’ll let you know when it arrives.

Thanks to these people who have brought this to our attention.

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  1. Wouldn’t bum him with a barge pole anywho.

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