Look at these two gennelmen.

Handy Andy goes to the Lou

Have you ever seen anything so drop-dead cool in your life?

It’s a picture from a new exhibition of Andy Warhol’s Factory being put on in London’s glittering Mayfair by a Stephen Shore and features not only Mr. Warhol himself but also a certain Mr. Lou Reed of ‘Walk on the Wild Side’ fame.

Jump over here and see the whos, the wheres and the whyfores…

It’s called The Velvet Years (you know, Velvet Underground and all that) colon Warhol’s Factory (even though it wasn’t so much a factory as an artist sweatshop) comma 1965-1967, which are like the key years.

In these photos you will see Edie Sedgewick (the one that Sienna Miller played in Factory Girl – you can see all the various strands of this coming together now, can’t you?) and Andy and some general people all in the silver foil-lined space that created an art revolution.

The Factory was, incidentally, just opposite the 47th Street YMCA, which is a clean and affordable place to stay should you need to go to New York without the requisite pennies: good sports facilities, nice restaurant, shared showers!

The exhibition is at Sprueth Magers Gallery at 7a Grafton Street in London’s W1 neighbourhood. It will be opening glass doors to the public until 25th August. And don’t forget the classic Ab Fab line should any of those gallery folks get sniffy with you: ‘You can drop the attitude. You only work in a shop, you know.’


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