Run up your own schmutter!

Do you have a body?

Do you like to dress said body in nice things?

Do you often go shopping for-to-purchase nice things, and find your inner monologue muttering things like, ‘I could do that, for a fraction of the price’ and/or, ‘If only I had the means, I could do something sooo much better, also for a fraction of the price of this piece of shonky shit’?

Then this could be for yous plural:

Clever people who make things.

Q’est ce que c’est que c’est que c’est?

T-shirt Patisserie, is what it is, is. In a nutty shell, they’re a one-stop shop on the interclit where you can pick a garment supplied by American Apparel (so sweat-shop free etc.) and create your own dolly design for-to-be put upon said chosen garment via the cleverness of clever types at T-shirt Patisserie. For v reasonable cash monies. To be delivered to your very own doorstep in a v nice box of your choice within two earth days. Oh, and you can choose some wee giftage to come with your bespoke T or similar, let’s say a fairy cake or a cookie.

How fun.

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One comment to “Run up your own schmutter!”

  1. Oh, i’ve been waiting for something like for EVER!!! i often think what you said above, but couldn’t find the means/be arsed to do anything about it. now i can. oh there is a god after all.

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