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Exclusive! Pop a question inside of a celebrity. This time, Judge Jules!

Come hither...

Continuing our endeavours to pop questions withinside as many famouses as the baby Jesus will alloweth, we’ve lined up Judge Jules – superstar DJ and all-round good egg – and he’s ripe for being popped. By you. S’true. Oh that rhymes.
And in the interests of relevance, Judge Jules has collabo’d with Matt Hardwick and Scott Bond on the upcoming Gatecrasher Immortal album (due out 10th September), bumf on which you can find here, here but not here. Get popping them questions after the break… (more…)

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Fag Hag Diary


Sitting comfortably? Faggy has a lovely Lady Di story to tell…

Are you sitting comfortably? 

It’s ten years since Lady Di off-of Royals drove into a wall and we all cried real life tears. ‘Mummy, where were you when you had the news?’ is one of those questions I’ll surely have to cope with should I ever decide to give up my fabulous life for a midget who takes money off me.

And dear reader, I believe children have to be able to ‘handle’ the truth, so here is what I would say. (more…)

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Who wants to see this film for FREE? Before EVERYONE ELSE?

Superbad. We'll be the judge of that.

Stop shouting.

So anyways, there’s this filmic device – Superbad – that’s at numero uno in the US Box Office as we natter, but it hasn’t been released in Blighty yet. So, if you live in Blighty – by which we mean London’s glittering UK – you can go and see it for free. Before it’s released. In what is known as a screening. The film itself? It’s from the makers of Forty Year Old Virgin and Knocked up, it’s crass, and it’s nasty – what’s not to like? Get said free-ness after the jump… (more…)

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‘Ooh my Lord, is it gone 4 o’clock already and we’ve still not had a sing-song?’


Today, in remembrance of the tenth anniversary of Princess Diana fatally failing to clunk click every trip we are mostly sing-songing along to the track that became almost the theme to those dark days: Texas’s ‘Halo’. Well, there’s no way we were ever going to play ‘Bloody Goodbye Bloody England’s Bloody Rose’… (more…)

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Exclusive! Alan Cumming opens right up


You love him because of Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion or maybe because you saw him as the MC in Cabaret at London’s glittering Donmar. Now you can see him – and his botty! – in a new production of the very ancient The Bacchae by a Mr. Euripides. Oh, and he’s fab in it. Rave reviews!

Here he talks to us about not being monogamous, getting spliced and that new play.

So how come you get away with being an out gay movie actor? Doesn’t all your private business get dug into in the States?
Not really. You can be open about your personal life. But then there are some mistakes made over the years and there should be stuff that’s just yours. I sometimes get pictured with my boyfriend when I’m out but I don’t want us to be a celebrity couple. I’ve only just arrived and there was a paparazzo outside my door… (more…)

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How hot can a chocolate museum be? This hot!

But can you eat it?

This is the Nestle (with an acute accent) Chocolate Museum in Mexico City. Or more specifically, Toluca, near Mexico City.

Designed by Michel Rojkind of Rojking Arquitectos, it’s sort of origami-cum-shipping container-cum-art installation, and as well as museum space there’s a theatre and CRUCIALLY a shop, and it’s slap-bang next to the actual choc-making factory. Which is kind of useful, n’est ce pas. And there are more pics after la jumpette. Not sure about the green carpet, mind. (more…)

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Gabrielle comeback business – here’s an EXCLUSIVE chunk of her new vid ‘Why’.

Our Gabs.

So you know we showed you the cover of the single ‘Why’ t’other day, but couldn’t let you hear it owing to various levels of retardenation… anyways, we can now letteth you hear slash see – in an exclusive fashion – a snippet of it. And in a shocking twist, Paul Weller’s on it. In a good way. And our Gabs is looking rather good. Also in a good way. Jump after la jumpsicle in order to see/hear. Thankings. (more…)

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So, like, THIS is Britney’s official comeback single, apparently. Oh good.

Like, durrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.


Right, if you go here, you’ll be able to hear what people are saying is THE official comeback single for trout-slip momma, Britney Spears. It’s called ‘Gimme More’. S’alright. Better than the other rubbish that was going around the other day. Oh yeah, and she still needs a slap.



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