Fag Hag Diary


And FH doesn’t approve of Chanelle’s exit style…

Repeat after me... 

So finally Chanelle, the girl most likely to say, ‘Fook uff Zac, ya fookin’ whanka!’ and a few years back perhaps, ‘Mummy, why is that man giving you money?’ has packed her little pleather valise and hot footed it out of the house in her Shoe Express heels.

And never has a human being illustrated more humiliatingly that departures in life should be approached like blow jobs – keep your head down, increase your pace the closer you get to the moment of release, and never, ever, have a change of heart halfway through.

You could’ve walked when you had the chance and made a clean, dignified break but now you’ve shillied, you’ve shallied, you’ve dillied and frankly, to coin a phrase… you’ve blown it.

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  1. I think she was driven mental by worrying about what Charley is up to … is Charley getting loads of attention? Is she making loads of money? What about me?

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