Is it a bird?

Don't you just LOVE my man-bag? I KNOW!

Is it a plane?

Is it one of them new bendy Pendolino whatsits off-of bearded Virgin man?

Is it a fat oaf?

No yes no, it’s the former leader of the former Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev, modelling-modelling for Louis Vuitton!

*party poppers go off; small people rush for cover*

We fiddle you not. ‘Sically, Louis Vuitton decided he’d be a good model for their hideously overpriced and franky tacky lovely produce, one assumes ’cause they’re trying to milk the Russian market and all that money them over there slash here seem to have these days.

And super-snapper Annie Leibovitz, who infamously didn’t get shouted at by Betty the Queen when she did her, did the pics.

These people told us this. Thankings.

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