Seeing as there’s a whole load of this…

Happy little fellow, innit.

… around, we thought maybe you’d like to hear about these people…

Providers of delicious treats.

… who do uber-delicious picnic baskets of the very special variety, delivered straight to your door/munching location of choice, in order for something like this…

A lovely scene full of loveliness. 

… to happen. Only with cuter/less-dead company.

‘Cause not only is Deliverance the food delivery establishment of choice for Glittering London types who don’t like to eat shit/put on 37 dress sizes with a home-delivered meal a la places we won’t mention, but they’ve now launched a picnic package which brings food of the finest kind to the al fresco location of your choice.

As an example, this would be a typical picnic for two:

– Bottle of chilled Chilean Rose
– Peri Peri chicken borchettes with couscous
– Lentils with chorizo and piquillo peppers
– Greek Salad
– Chilli Bean Salad
– Olives
– Mini Pot Puds
– Mineral water

‘Ow much we talking?


Intrigued? Go here, or call 0844 477 1111.


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