Yay! The Karen Walker Sunglass is here!


If you had to guess which consumer item Karen Walker would be most likely to purvey would you say a). a new brand of superstrong vodka b). a new strain of superstrong Tamazipan or c). a sunglass (that doesn’t actually hold any vodka)?

Then you’d be wrong.

These are the item and – wouldn’t you just know it – it’s not even the real Karen Walker but a pretender in the form of a New Zealander.

And the real Karen Walker doesn’t even know what one of those is.

Called Vote for Karen Walker (oh, we would!), the sunnies come in all sorts of colours and were modelled by characters who were encouraged to stand behind a lectern and act like South American dictators (this Karen Walker was always amused by how shouty dictator-types like a large sunglass – as does Paris Hilton).

Not yet available – not even for ready money – in the UK, you can buy them over the interdolly. Find out all about them and where to bag themĀ here.

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