Brad and Angelina about to split?

It's a sad, sad, situation... 



Rumours are literally flying around like dirty flying things that Bradley Pitt and Ange Jolie are about to go their seperate ways.

‘Parently, the couple have had it up to here…

*puts hand in air, as far is it can possibly go; so high, in fact, that Inspector Gadget has to intervene (again) with his Go-Go Gadget Arms*

… with the arguing and what-not, with the final straw being an almighty hoo-ha which saw Angelina throw a glass of red wine over Brad after he accused her of being ‘immature’ during a holiday in France.

‘Angie was cursing him and ending up throwing a glass of wine in his face,’ that ‘Source’ person told Life&Style magazine. ‘Brad was absolutely disgusted by her behaviour.

‘Brad’s had enough of doing what Angie wants to do and following her around the globe.’

Also ‘parently, the pair have discussed a custody plan to be put in place for that bunch o’ kids they’ve got.


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3 comments to “Brad and Angelina about to split?”

  1. Oh this makes me terribly sad. NOT!

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  2. Oh, who the hell knew. ‘Hollywood couple turn out to be lousy parents shock!’

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  3. And I had just recently read that they were about to move to Berlin.

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