Jake Shears writes cancer-inspired song for Kylie


Jake Shears du Scissor Sisters has written a song for Kylie off-of Kylie Minogue, inspired by the :-( that was her cancer business.

It’s the ‘strangest thing she’s ever recorded’ says he.

He wrote it with bandmate Babbydaddy.

‘Babbydaddy’? Are you eleven?

So like, the song’s called ‘Singing In My Sleep’, and it’s ‘really atmospheric and dark. It’s a really cool song and we love it, but I don’t know if she’ll put it on her album because it’s really one of the strangest things she’s ever recorded.

‘We were feeling really inspired that day. She’s doing so well now.’

But wait one cotton-pickin’-brave-Kylie moment, pop-pickers! This ain’t the first time this Sistery duo have written for the K – they were also behind that ‘I Believe In You’ business coupla years back.

‘Tis true.

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2 comments to “Jake Shears writes cancer-inspired song for Kylie”

  1. Brave Kylie.

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  2. They look equally vile in this picture. Almost peeled or something. Bah!

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