PUMA’s Urban Mobility collection? J’adore!

PUMA’s just-launched Urban Mobility collection is a ‘premium accessories line designed to simplify urban travel’ – and it’s forcing us to believe it.

For reasons including the following:

I'll have 73 of these, please. 




Not a Vuitton. Thank the baby Jesus. 


If only I could find a magazine to put in it! 

The first three are self-explanatory (‘Urban Mobility Edition Bag’ ie. a v nice bag – previously only available in Selfridges – and cabin trolley, if you’re struggling); whilst the last one’s a ‘Magazine Bag’, perfecto for not only carrying of mags, but also of laptop.

The range is pretty hwaaaage, and includes things like metal free X-Ray belts for easy transition through them pesky security check things, Japanese Bento lunch boxes, wood panelled document wallets, and courier bags, a la those carried by sexy gennelmen-on-bicycle types across London’s glittering London and elsewhere.

We approve, muchos.

‘Ow much? To give you an idea, the Bento Box is £18, the Cabin Trolly £250, and the Urban Mobility Edition Bag £380.

Peruse, here.


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  1. Oh I LOVE the suitcase thing!!!! V classy. I find it very difficult to find a nice suitcase.

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