Simon Cowell making a moving picture!

A. Are you bumming? B. Is he bummable? C. Have you bummed? 

*sings Pearl and Dean theme tune*

Simone Cowell is venturing into the world of moving picture frames for his next project.

He’s producing a film tentatively titled (ooh, alliteration!) ‘Star Struck’, and ’twill be about ten hopefulls trying to break into the music industry via national talent shows.

Sounds, familiar.

‘The story is told through the eyes of those ten contestants,’ said Cowie. ‘We want it to be the musical version of Rocky – an underdog story, a feel-good film.’

Please don’t.

The leads in the film will be cast through nationwide open call auditions.

‘To enjoy the film, you’ve got to watch the actors and believe that they are contestants on a reality show,’ Cowell said summore.

And in news that is dolly music to our ears Jonathan Harvey, of cheenius televisual writing fame, has penned the screenplay.


More, ici.


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  1. Who be Jonathan Harvey then?

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  2. He wrote Beautiful Thing and Gimme, Gimme, Gimme. And he does Corrie sometimes.

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  3. What’s he doing mixed up in this old nonsense then?

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