Exclusive! Pop a question inside a celebrity. Dolly old Mark Ramprakash!


You had some pressing questions for cricketer/dancer Mark Ramprakash (pictured, right) and who are we to deny you the opportunity to put it to him?

Did you get any stick off of your cricketer mates for being such a dolly on Strictly Come Dancing? Eric
Yeah, and justifiably so. I fully expected to get stick going on the show but actually after a while they came and saw it and loved it.

Did they ever try to make you an outfit and you were like, ‘No fucking way!’? Floy
Oh, yeah. I said, ‘I’m not going to wear pink’. And they had so many shirts with sequins all over them. I liked my shirts to be more – how can I say? – understated. In the end they got the neckline lower as the show wore on. And you want the trousers darker so they can’t see your…

Do you like being a sex symbol? Do you exploit it to get free things? Lindy Pops
I don’t really regard myself as a sex symbol, that’s for sure. And I don’t get into situations where it comes into play, to be honest. I do my day job now, which is being a cricketer and I don’t think I can bring it to bear over other cricketers. It doesn’t really work.

How come you get fat cricketers? Is it not that demanding a sport? Pipkin
There are very few of those now. You could count them on one hand. Tell Pipkin he really should come and watch more cricket. Cricketers are now in really good shape.

You’ve been on the GMTV sofa quite a lot. Does it smell? Betty Windsor

Do you prefer wearing those nice old-fashioned whites or the new pyjama-style things they make you wear? And what do you do with your old used boxes? Bernard
I think the new pyjama things are pretty comfortable. The whites are smart but the pyjamas are smart too. As for boxes, I’ve just thrown one away. I could have sold it on eBay. I wasn’t thinking, was I? They last for years and they don’t really need washing because they’re between your underwear and your tracksuit. They don’t touch you.

Have you met any members of Liberty X? Mungous
No, but I know one of them goes out with Kevin Peterson.

Is it hard to convince people you’re interesting after you’ve told them you’re a cricketer? Consuela
In general, I’m not sure people find me particularly interesting, whether I tell them I’m a cricketer or not.

Mark is hosting the AdeZ Discover Your Strength Challenge. To find out more go here

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