Hey Mr. DJ…

Don't be shy

He may be able to see his way round an asymetrical hemline and know all the right animals to kill to trim a jacket, but can Alexander McQueen seamlessly mix Evelyn ‘Champagne’ King’s ‘Shame’ into ‘Stomp’ by The Brothers Johnson?

Find out tonight when he takes to the decks in London’s glittering Soho…

Circus, the very dress-up night brought to you by the peerless Jodie Harsh, this very eve will be serving up DJing courtesy of the world’s fiiiiiiiinest couturier, Mr. Lee McQueen. He will be joined at the decks – if there’s room (it’s only a regular size DJ booth after all) – by one Kelly ‘Fatty’ Osbourne, who has ‘graced’ these very decks before.

Circus takes place at Soho Review Bar in Walker’s Court just off Brewer Street, a bottle-of-poppers throw from the OCS (Old Compton Street – come on, people, we’ve done that one). Oh, and be sure to dress up. Very high indeed.

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2 comments to “Hey Mr. DJ…”

  1. Oh, I can hardly wai…..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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  2. Oh, I know! They’ll have to lubricate that DJ booth. Maybe it’s like Chunk night or something.

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