Madonna love letters and dirrrty photos for sale?

Flicky hair. 

*empties piggy bank; goes to one of them automatic copper counting machines in somewhere like Sainsberries; comes out with £1 and 37 pence*

T’seems that OGL‘s lawyers are fighting to stop a collection of her love letters and intimate *shock* photies being made public.

‘Cause we’ve never seen her flange before.

Said letters ‘n’ photies are betwixt herself and former boyf James Albright, with whom she had a two-year ‘ship in the nineties. He was her bodyguard, she the guarded super chanteuse. They became lov-errrrrs. That would make a good film. 

‘It’s not all about sex,’ said a source at Marquee Capital, the investment firm specialising in Madonna memorabilia which is touting the letters/pics. ‘Some of the notes and letters talk of her world falling apart, others talk of her feeling really low and down.’

Oh-but-no, this all comes at rather a bad time ’cause them adoption people are about to spend a week chez Ciccone in London’s glittering Marylebone, to see if OGL and Guy are fit parents for the Baby David.

‘Cause obviously parents aren’t allowed to have had a history including things like previous lovers involving sex and real-life human emotions. That’s just not on. Just imagine, pop-pickers, if parents the world over were engaging in sexual acts and writing in grown-up writing about their insecurities and all that hoo-ha. Shocking. Slip the Baby David into a threadbare papoose immediately, ship him back to that poverty stricken hell-hole, and be content in the fact that you’ve done the BD a VERY BIG FAVOUR. INDEED.

It’s a sad, sad, situation, etc.

More of the above, here.

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3 comments to “Madonna love letters and dirrrty photos for sale?”

  1. This is a shocking business indeed. Can you imagine anyone taking pictures of themselves in an intimate situation? She must be twisted. That baby deserves much better. Material things are so over-rated anyway. I’d much rather live in a mud hut than a £17million pound mansion, anyday. And living on three grains of rice per year is rather good for one’s figure, after all.

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  2. So true! What is all the freaking fuss about this baby. Poverty for life/sexual abuse/starvation on the streets vs a family. Any family, not only Madonna’s. Those adoption people just want to snoop round her house. They should bloody well get some work done.

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