Now let’s look at a fun ad dot-dot-dot

Missed a bit. 

This would be a Eurostar ad for the Frenchie market, currently doing the rounds in London’s glittering Paris, for-to entice les Frenchies to Londinium. Isn’t it. We likey, muchos. Or beaucoup. Or something.

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  1. Should we really be encouraging French people to come to these shores?

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  2. […] Eurostar is officially our favourite choo-choo-train. Not only are they strong and very very long, but a journey thereon betwixt London’s glittering London and Paris etc. is invariably cheaper in terms of cash dollar and hassle than flying – plus you get a nice sweet on your table (we think it was a sweet), there’s none of that transferring from the airport bollocks, and you get to leave/arrive at probably the best station in the world, St Pancras. You know, the one with the magical Platform 13 in Hazza Potts. AND they have the best adverts, like, ever – now comprising these fancy new ones for-to-entice the Frenchies to London, and which continue the campaign they started in the summer (Londoners got snogging Rugger players. Hooray!) […]

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