Hair scare

First up, Hairspray – the movie musical of the musical of the movie – really is much funner than you may have been led to believe.

Second up, the songs are actually rather hilarious with really good lyrics.

Third up… Say! Wouldn’t it be fun if you could go along and watch Hairspray and sing-a-longa to the whole movie. Like with that Sound of Music one. You could even go dressed up. As a fat person maybe! (Listen, it’s what the movie’s about, don’t start on us!)…

Well, some bright spark has come up with the idea of putting on a show of Hairspray where you can go along and, high on Haribo, sing along to the soundtrack with words and a bouncy ball to show you where you are and everything.

This will sound to you like a). the most fun you can have without there being men in Speedos in attendance or b). the third circle of hell. Either way, we predict many a gay will be in attendance.

So, where do we need to go? And when?

It’s at the Vue West End (Warner West End, as was – so get ready for some very pricey tickets) from 10th August, which is like Friday coming. Have a cocktail before you go!

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2 comments to “Hairspray-a-long!”

  1. I would very much like to go to this. Who will come with me?

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  2. Seen it. It was good actually. Liked the opening number with rats and flashers and her totally happy to be living there.

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