Stick it up your cat’s arse

Do you own a pencil?

Do you prefer it when said pencil(s) are sharp?

Do you enjoy novelty items on your desk?

Are you interested in cats’ back bottoms?

If you answered yes to any indeed all of the above, then you may be innerested in this slash these:

Hello pussies. 

Qu’est ce que c’est que c’est que c’est, Momma?

It’s the Sharp-End Cat Pencil Sharpener, is what it is, right. One pops one’s pencil inside of the cat’s anal canal, it miaows during the sharpening process, magical things happen, and out poppeths your newly sharpened writing/drawing implement. And there’s a litter tray to catch the shavings AND EVERYTHING. Hooray!

Want one? Go ‘ere.


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  1. Haha! Glad you like it, thanks for the link :)

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