The Cotswolds funkies it up a little bit

One of the best bits of England’s green and pleasant land – the Cotswolds – just got a 21st century makeover.

Ooh, nice wallpaper

You see this room with its funny Leigh Bowery wallpaper and space age headboard, where do you suppose it is? Berlin maybe? London perchance? Maybe New York when it was still fun? Nup, nup and nup. It’s in the most English bit of all of England. Namely the Cotswolds.

A favourite hang-out of Kate Moss (when she’s not, you know…), Liz Hurley and maybe soon Johnny Depp, the Cotswolds does a very nice line in beauteous villages, fine Georgian architecture, rolling green hills and probably fudge. Now it has added to its repertoire Cotswolds88, the area’s first boutique experience hotel. And we’re liking.

This is what it looks like from the outside…

That's our room, up there.

But step inside and it goes all funky like this…

Nice chairs!

So, you see, the country hotel bit is still in place but out go the frill-on-a-frill-on-a-frill-ness and in come designery hot chairs, Kate Garner (the photographer) wallpaper and just general loveliness.

‘The vibe is soulful hip,’ says the hotel. ‘The essence of the place is born out of decadence and rejuvenation’. They’re saying all the right things. And they’re serving up locally-sourced organic food and laying on spa treatments either in your own funky room or in their ‘treatment pod’. Oh, and if you want to get married or civil partnershipped there, they’re sorted for that too.

Prices start at a not unreasonable £150, going up to £395 for the suite. Find out all about it here

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2 comments to “The Cotswolds funkies it up a little bit”

  1. Ooh, this place looks delightful. It’s just the sort of thing to tempt me into the countryside.

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  2. Not sure how I feel about a lovely country house being turned into Soho House. Surely it would be nicer left as it was. I mean, if you’re going to the country, surely you want it to seem like the country, not downtown Shoreditch.

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