Fight fight fight fight fight fight fight (in an artistic manner)

Such luscious lips.

The Hospital in London’s glittering Covent Garden/Holborn borders is hosting and-we-quote ‘the first exhibition anywhere, of over 40 mixed media works by Banksy and Andy Warhol’, going by the name of Warhol vs Banksy.

Who shouted, ‘Like there’s any fucking competition!’ at the back?

Who responded, ‘Ditto’, in the third row?

Anyways, it’s excitement indeedery, it starts this Friday, and you can find more information of an informative nature, here.

It’s art, it’s madness, it’s art madness!


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One comment to “Fight fight fight fight fight fight fight (in an artistic manner)”

  1. Loving a bit of Banksy but it’s not much of a match, is it? And I know everyone’s going to say, ‘Oh, if Warhol was alive today, he’d be doing what Banky’s doing’ Well, no. There was spray paint and walls available at the time.

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