Mr Gay Europe, pop-pickers!

Steal my style

So this is the newly crowned Mr Gay Europe, Jackson Netto. He is of German, and a gay.


No idea who the one on the right is, but we’re enjoying the ensemble.

This is what the one on the left had to say on the matter:

‘When I was a child I used to be overweight. At the age of 15 I lost 25 kilos of weight, took care of my nutrition and did sports to keep in shape.’

And still ended up looking like this gennelman:

Desperado Dan


The one on the left had something else to say:

‘To be able to enter the Mr Gay Europe competition was a huge step for me, a great reward for the effort and discipline that I’ve had all these years. To be honest, it’s a dream come true.’

What else is he going to say?

Oh but happiness all around. Back bottoms up, etc.


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4 comments to “Mr Gay Europe, pop-pickers!”

  1. Such big arms….

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  2. Dream bigger people!

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  3. Them jeans… honest to God.

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  4. And the boots … fucking hell. Obviously the beneficiary of pity votes.

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