Because you can never have enough hats, gloves or penises…

Imagine the scenario: there you are, avec le horn, but there is no penage in sight. Not even a real one. ‘If only I’d cloned the front bottom of my favourite man-age, I’d be laughing’ goes you.

Imagine another scenario: there you are, also avec le horn. ‘But I don’t want a male gennelman to pleaseth me,’ say you, ‘I just want his *blushes* knobbage.’

Imagine scenario trois: you’re after something nice for your mantlepiece. Something that resembles a cock.

Well thank the baby Jesus for the Clone-A-Willy. Yes, the Clone-A-Willy.

Ere it is:

Is it a bee? 

But qu’est ce que c’est, Momma? 

Well, guess what-eth, penis-lovers – it does exactly what it says on the tubular packaging! ie. a DIY vibrator, of the bespoke kind.

Comprising plaster cast, shaping tube, thermometer (us either) AND small vibrating unit to insert inside of the final product *bzzzzzzzzzzzzz*, the Clone-A-Willy is, well it’s a very ‘citin thing indeed and just may be the gift that keeps on giving.

Want one? Go here.


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  1. Blimey. That’s clever.

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