Britney Spears’s seduction technique

Lock up anyone with a penis!

Get off me! Eugh.

There now follows a real-life description of how Britney Spears gets the mens to bop her in the booboo. Or thereabouts, as the case may be. It comes from someone she tried to ‘seduce’, it’s not a pretty thing, and it goes something like this: 

The date: July, ’07.

The scene: The Standard Hotel, London’s glittering Los Angeles (v nice, btw). A ‘pool frolic’ followed by hotel room business.

The victim: Mike Encinias, a male gennelman ‘extra’ from the popsicle video for ‘Give Me More’ she was shooting at the time.

The quote: (The pool bit) ‘Suddenly, she shocked everyone by just stripping out of her top. She straddled me and put her legs around me. I started kissing her. Britney had more drinks in between me feeling her up, her boobs, and kissing her on the neck.
(The bedroom bit) ‘I went in and found Britney lying on the bed with her knees up and just a pair of pink panties on. She was looking like she was ready – and I wanted to finalise it.’

General reaction: Baaaaaaaaaaaaaah. 

More? Here, pigs.

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  1. I’ve just been sick in my mouth. ‘Just a pair of pink panties’?

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