Andi Peters has clearly been on the photoshop diet…

Here he is…

As if!

Andi Peters (with an ‘i’ – probably with a smiley face over it in his signature) after an apparently unbelievable transformation via the ‘gym’ (shame about that shading round the neck – so makes you think Photoshop, as does the fact that the head seriously doesn’t look like it belongs anywhere near this body. Less Andi’s down Fire or something…)

Anyway, ‘parently it is him. And he’s lifted lots of things that don’t need lifting and has probably eaten and drunk loads of things that don’t strictly need eating or drinking. So, well done you. Now you look like a proper gay.

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3 comments to “Andi Peters has clearly been on the photoshop diet…”

  1. Mingin’

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  2. I’d do him. As long as I didn’t have to be in the same room. It looks like a mid-life crisis made flesh to these eyes.

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  3. […] Andi Peters off-of annoying twat has been working out. Okay, so we knew he’d been working out ’cause there was that Mens Health thing last year where everyone went ‘Oooooh/Aaaaargh’ for a few moments, commented that he now looks like a proper gay, and went back to flicking off over Trisha. Now Andi-with-an-i has decided the world needs to see his tits once more. Oh but it’s for charity people, so any (wholly) inappropriate touching of self can be done safe in the knowledge that kind things are being done by someone for someone at some point somewhere else. […]

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