Ooh, innit captivating? Like a song!

Oooooh, the smell of it

We showed you the fake Mariah perfume ad a couple of weeks back. Well here, scent lovers, is the actual real-life version for M, featuring Mariah as a cloud (or summing) and the irresistible tag line: ‘An ethereal presence… captivating like a song’. Innit, though? Her inspirations?…

‘The inspirations were multiple places I’ve been,’ quoth M. What, like the ladies’ toilets at some skanky clubs in Miami? The pet department of Neiman Marcus? Nobu?

‘Moments in my life and childhood memories.’ Erm, face down in your own vomit? Self-harming in a bath? Getting shouted at in the projects of Detroit, Michigan (or whencever it is you hail from)?

The eau de parfum (get her!) will be retailing at around $40 with the perfume itself a rather Mariah-priced $175! It is based, apparently, around Tahitian Tiare flower and marshmallows. Well, there have been stages in M’s life when there have been quite a few of those knocking around, we’re sure! The marshmallows that is.

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  1. ‘Multiple Places I’ve been’?
    I wonder if it smells anything like my sweaty old cock.

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