We can now die happy ladies/gennelmen/whatever…

Bachelor Boy. So that's what you're calling it these days. 

Dirty Dame Cliff Richard, he of Ziggy off-of BB look-a-likey fame, is to record Bible readings.


It’s thought that following a conversation with the voices inside his head the baby Jesus his verily self, Lady Cliffton decided that he would put his God-bothering ways to good use, and spread the word using his Santa-given mellifluous tones. We learnt what that word means during an episode of Call My Bluff, with Emma Thompson’s momma, Phyllida Law. She was real good.

‘When I’m in Portugal I’m going into the studio to record some readings for an audio book of Bible stories for children,’ says he.

Whilst you’re there, luv, keep an eye out for Maddie.

Now let’s what the Cliffster in action. During one of his more credible moments:

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  1. Run for your lives, children!

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