Billie Piper BLINDED by photoshoot!

Silly Billie 

*rubs eyes*

Billie Piper was taken to a specialist eye hos-pi-tal yesterday, amidst fears she’d been blinded during a professional photo-shoot.

According to t’Sun, BP was unable to open her eyes the morning after modelling-modelling-modelling for pics the day before.

‘Parently, the photographer used some extra powerful flash or sumfink, which dazzled la Pipette in the extreme, to the extent that her eyes almost popped out. Ish.

Oh but fret not, turns out all is well in the world and there is no permanent damage to her googlies.

*applies two droplets of Optrex to each eye*

And that, pop-pickers, is what is known in the business as a non-story.

The end.

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