Emma Bunton gives birth! To a baby!

Momma, Poppa?

Emma la Bunting Baby has given birth to a real-life male child.

‘Tis called Beau, and it’s by all accounts a lovely thing.

These are the details:

– Place: Portland Hospital, London

– Mother: Baby Bunting

– Father: Jade something

– Weight: 7lbs 15oz. About the same as Emma’s hair.

– Quote, via spokesperson type person: ‘Emma gave birth to a boy at 11.12am this morning. The weight was 7lbs 15oz, which is the same weight as Jade when he was born. I believe the name they have chosen is Beau, which is French for handsome’.

– Smart comment: ‘We’ll be the judge of that’.

– Another quote: ‘The phone’s been ringing off the hook, but none of the Spice Girls have called yet. I’m sure they will but they’re all out of the country at the moment’.


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