There’s trouble in paradise, pop-pickers!

Put your hands where I can see them...

So our new favourite newlyweds – the ladies Brown and Belafonte – have hit a wee snag a mere *counts* three seconds into their marriage.

Who. Knew.

So secret was their secret betrothal in Las Vegas that Stephen of Belafonte ‘forgot’ to mention the fact that he had been married before. To a woman.

*wafts face with (flamenco style) fan*

Whilst Mel du B admitted on the licence that she’d done the deed with that Jimmy Gulzar fellow back in 1998, Stephen with a ‘ph’ claimed he was single rather than divorced. Shocking, you might agree.

And guess what, wedding-watchers – Belafontalina split with his then wife, Nancy Carmell, after three WHOLE months, divorcing two years later.

Did we say ‘who knew’ already? Who knew. No really, who comma knew.

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2 comments to “There’s trouble in paradise, pop-pickers!”

  1. They’re such role models, innit.

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  2. And then there’s that stuff in The Mirror about him being a wife beater! She sure can pick ’em that Melanie!

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