Julian Clary singing at homosexualist emporium!

But is he a gay?

Oh no, sorry, that was a typo.

‘Julian Clary signing at homosexualist emporium!’


So Julian Clary, a v funny gennelman, will be reading from his muchos anticipated debut novel, Murder Most Fab, at store du ‘mo Prowler in London’s glittering Soho on Wednesday 22nd August, at 6pm.

This will be followed swiftly by the signing.

There now follows a quick synopsis of Murder Most Fab just, you know, fyi:

And-we-quote: ‘Johnny Debonair flees Hythe and heads to London where he meets Catherine – a devil in red heels, who teaches him how to look after number one. One thing leads to another and after dabbling in drama school and prostitution, Johnny becomes a famous TV presenter. It’s only a matter of time before the secret of his success is discovered with seriously funny consequences.’

It’s true/we’ll be the judge of that.

Prowler, on t’interclit.

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