Celebs get their pants off to turn the Queen’s head


See this nice lady? She’s Miss UK – in a beauty queen stylee – has decided to take her knickers off for a very good cause. And no, that doesn’t mean she’s met a footballer.

The cause: an attempt to persuade HM The Queen to cease and desist from using real bear skin for her soldiers’, you know, Bearskins (you know, big fluffy helmets).

And she’s not the only one getting nekkid for PETA and the cause…

Joining her going nudie for the bears is Office star Lucy Davis while other celebrities are lining up to support the campaign but we’re not sure if they are getting their skivvies off. Numbered among the great and the good are Twiggy, Pamela Anderson and Sir Roger Moore of the Moving Eyebrow.

Nice work everyone.

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