America gets a (much needed) shot of glamour in the air

Ooh, moody.

Air travel withinside the Americas (North) has never been the nicest of things – unless you like dirty old trouts serving luke-warm beverages with a scowl and the faint whiff of urine-soaked loft insulation during your eight-hour coast-to-coaster (who shouted American Airlines at the back?). But now all that has changed, thanks to our most j’adored purveyors of air travel, Virgin.

Nice seatage.

Virgin America is the just-launched America-only outpost of, well Virgin, offering non-stop flights between San Francisco, Los Angeles and Las Vegas on the west coast and New York and Washington DC on t’other side.

Onboard is a revolution in domestic US air travel – in that it’s actually nice. Beyond nice. In that it’s wet-wee makingly lovely.

Like yer telly...

For starters, it’s the first US-based airline with mood lighting. Then there’s the choice of satellite telly, live telly or pay-per-view moving pictures; the option of creating your own MP3 list from a choice of over 3,000 ditties; then what must surely be the piece de resistance, the chance to flirt with any lady slash gennelman slash both of your choice, via the entertainment system AKA ‘airborne social network system’ ie. If you see a hot piece of action on 23B, ping him/her/whatever,without having to move a dolly inch. Cheenius.


Standard Class features are pretty impressive – 32″ black leather seats; personal 9″ widescreen entertainment system; plugs at your seat; you can order fresh food from the screen in front of you; there’s a mini bar!

As for First Class – 55″ (gorgeous) white leather seats with built-in massage function; personal reading lights; exclusive cabin of just eight seats… Hooray!

First Class? Oh go on then.

Oh, and did we mention VA’s a cashless airline? Order-swipe-you’re done. How easy do you want it?

‘Ow much? NY-LA return flight from as little as $258 (excl. tax) in the main cabin; $898 (excl. tax) if you’re going First Class.

Virgin America, on the interdolly.

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4 comments to “America gets a (much needed) shot of glamour in the air”

  1. I love Virgin. It’s like the only airline where they actually give you a glamorous experience when air travel should always be glamorous. While all the budget ones are making it seem as exciting as a bus ride, Virgin are giving you white leather seats and glamour lighting. Bring it on.

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  2. I like the idea of ordering fresh food from your screen! God, the other airlines are probably in freefall right now. Ha ha. Serves ’em right for just throwing a bag of pretzels at you and thinking that’ll do.

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  3. I’m very fond.

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  4. Yes, American Airlines is definitely ‘basic’, but their male stewards are so much hotter than the vacuous G.A.Y rejects you get on Virgin (seemingly too thick to go to university,it would seem, too). British Airways is no better as it seems to employ old ladies. So you can either watch a good film on Virgin, or a fine ass on American Airlines.

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