And for her next trick, Jessica Simpson dot-dot-dot

JS? J'adore.

Will be adopting a child! Hooray!

‘Cause that’s original. But v kind all the same.

Jessica plans to adopt a child from a Mexican orphanage she’s been visiting since she was a teenager.

‘Cause that sounds fun.

‘Parently, Jess made regular trips to the Casa Hogar Elim orphanage with her minister poppa, Joe, and has been dreaming of adopting for eleven years.

‘My father was a minister, so growing up we’d go on a missionary trip every summer,’ JS tells Self magwoizeen. ‘The first time I went to that orphanage I was 16. I remember holding this baby who was found in a dumpster. I wanted to adopt him right then and there. I was like, “Dad, can I have him for my birthday, please?” I want to adopt before I actually have my own kids.’

So won’t the adopted kid be yours, then? ‘Cause that’s not gonna be a mind-fuck for the wee thing…


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2 comments to “And for her next trick, Jessica Simpson dot-dot-dot”

  1. Well, I’d rather have Jessica Simpson for my mum than that skanky old Britney Spears. Go Kevin go.

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  2. God, is that the choice? Jessica or Britney? Frankly, I’d rather stay in the Mexican ophanage. At least then there would be some continuity of service and I wouldn’t be wafting crystal meth fumes out of my face as a toddler.

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