Paris is Burning comes to London!

With an attitude

Lip-liner at the ready, ladies, we have a date for your diaries (what else would you write very important messages with?).

An extravaganza of dressing up and vogueing and karaoke and showing off and celebrities is coming to glittering London’s Cafe de Paris next Thursday and they’ve only gone and called it… Extravaganza!

As well as some ‘ladies’ from House of Xtravaganza – there’s that word again! – as featured in Paris is Burning (it was a film about vogueing, you know, the dance craze Madonna nicked), there’ll be SingStar Battles, performances, runway walking, Guilty Pleasures DJs and all the right celebrities. Step this way to find out more…

In aid of the charity Body & Soul, the evening will be hosted by T4’s Miquita Oliver and will feature a performance by ginger Sugababe Siobhan Donaghy as well as top quality DJing from Guilty Pleasures’ own Sean Rowley and the Horse Meat Disco and Circus crews.

But the highlight must surely be the SingStar (karaoke) Battles, the Runway Walking (we saw something similar at Crash’s Vauxhall is Gurning and we still can’t look a Milky Way square in the face) judged by the likes of Kelly Osbourne, June Sarpong, Jodie Harsh and Bananarama’s very own Shakespearian Sister Siobhan Fahey.

It’ll be a smasher, it starts at 7.30pm on Thursday 23rd August (next week!) and every penny of your tenner will go to charidee. Go to for more info or to register for some licenced showing off!


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  1. What a brilliant idea. Count me in.

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