A whole load of merchandise with ‘I’m not a plastic fag’ written on it

We'll be the judge that.

The message on the above merchandise may be interpreted myriad ways – but mostly involving not wanting to be one of those bandwagon gays who tries to look like they’ve just stepped out of an Abercrombie ad. Or a Banana Republic ad. Or The Hoist. You catcheth the drift. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

*yanks bit of wayward thread off-of three-quarter length desert combat trousers; gets an inexplicable itch inside of Aussie Bum panties; panics as all 137 D&G vest tops are in the wash* 

Equally, we get the irony of wearing a logo T or whatever and therefore prescribing to another uniform mentality and therefore starting back at square one, only looking a little dollier.

On a similar note, one also runs the risk of opening up oneself to criticism/on-street heckling, involving smart remarks including, ‘Oh really? I’ll be the judge of that.’

You may also think that all of the above is a load of bollocks and they’re actually really rather nice and especially witty when placed on a personage of baby age. Coz they come in them baby grower things aussi.

And c) and d).

The end.

Oh, you can get them here.


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