EXCLUSIVE Mika-ness: Mika re-records ‘Big Girls’ for Ugly Betty!

It's a beautiful thing

Mika, friend of me me me slash all round lovely person slash yes we would, sang us a little snippet of a new song he’s recorded for the new series of Ugly Betty the last time we groped saw him, but at the time we were sworn to secrecy (something to do with something). Now we’re not! Hooray!

So these are the details, pop-pickers:

Mika’s recorded a new version of ‘Big Girls’ to spearhead the official promo campaign for the next series of Ugly Betty. Excitement. The new versh is called ‘Betty Girl’ with the hook now going along the lines of ‘Hey Betty, you are beautiful’. S’nice, innit.

The ad campaign video – featuring Betty ‘n’ co. jumping around to the re-record – debuts across London’s glittering US tomorrow.

This is what Mika had to say on the matter:

‘Betty is a real fashion icon and we should celebrate anyone like her – genuine individuals who stay true to their own identity. That’s what ‘Big Girls’ is all about so it was the perfect fit to change the song especially for her. It was a huge honour to be asked to do it, I love the show.’


Oh yeah, the vid dot-dot-dot

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  1. Mika, come away from that crap. You don’t need it.

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