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So despite them there rumours that Sienna off-of movies has been bopping Sean Bean off-of Northern, news reaches these dandy shores that one of our favourite actresses-’cause-she-seems-like-a-laugh is having front-bottom business with Matthew Rhys. Her co-star in upcoming Dylan Thomas biopic, The Edge of Love (and that gayer in Brothers and Sisters). This is what they both look like:



This is what ‘Source’ said on the matter, via these people:

‘This is the first bloke Sienna has been serious with since she finally split from Jude. These vicious allegations of her being with Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs and splitting up his relationship with Kim Porter are awful. But they have actually worked in her and Matthew’s favour a bit. It has taken the heat off their relationship.’

Oh good slash what a tangled web, pop-pickers, slash we’re confused but would quite happily be a-shagging any of ’em (‘cept Puffy Dad).

And on a related matter, here are some factoids regarding The Edge of Love that you may or may not enjoy:

– ‘Tis the filmic story of Dylan Thomas’s young life. He of poetry/Welsh fame.

– Keira Knightley’s also in it.

– Keira’s mum – Sharman MacDonald – wrote the screenplay.

– Cheeeenius singer of songs we just j’adore, Lisa Stansfield, is also in it. Looking like this:

She may not be a lady, but she's all woman. Can't vouch for him.

Now let’s watch Lisa Stansfield singing a lovely song:

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  1. Oh I LOVE Lisa Stansfield. Hello Lisa.

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  2. Also loving the Lisa Stansfield. She should do a genius Dusty Springfield-esque album with classic but not cliched jazz/soul songs on it, with perhaps some of the nice lesser-played disco tracks from the 70s. Now she’s passed the pop thing. She’s one of the few white girls who’s got the voice, after all.

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